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Measuring technology
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Measuring / Control / Automation

Man and precision

OKW enclosures and tuning knobs provide excellent comfort and security in everyday use – whether controlled manually or automatically. Don't compromise on precision. Measure and control your world with OKW enclosure solutions! The most important criteria at a glance:

  • Measuring technology depends on precision
    OKW electronic enclosures and tuning knobs meet the exacting standards required for precision measurement, automation and control.
    Smart, ergonomic enclosures with application-specific accessories offer users fatigue-free viewing and operation. Robust construction protects your electronics – even in harsh environments.
  • Intelligent enclosures for smart measuring technology
    Precision-calibrated IoT/IIoT/IoMT sensors can place special demands on a device’s enclosure. OKW has developed a wide range of wearable, handheld, desktop, tabletop and wall-mount enclosures to protect your sensors and electronics. Our elegant enclosures also reflect the high quality and value of your technology.
  • Seamless integration into the infrastructure
    You can rely on OKW’s advanced enclosure technology for comprehensive connectivity. We can customise interfaces to suit your exact requirements. This creates solutions for efficient processes. Individual components can function together perfectly, enabling complex workflows to be controlled and implemented automatically.
  • Secure ande reliable for high-quality results
    Measuring devices depend on sensitive electronics. So it is essential to house your sensors securely and protect vital data.
    Enclosures from OKW have repeatedly proven themselves in industrial environments, thanks to their strength, resilience and high levels of ingress protection (IP 65, IP 66, IP 67). EMC shielding to protect against EMI/RFI is also available as a customisation service.
  • Individuality
    We customise our enclosures and tuning knobs according to your application and corporate identity. Simply ask our experts!

    Further information:
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Application fields

  • Mobile data recording and transmission
  • Test equipment, e.g. voltage detectors and digital thermometers
  • Measuring devics and simple data logging for temperature, humidity, voltage, pressure, CO2 etc.
  • Electronic and electro-technical control units in outdoor facilities – either stationary or mobile
  • Sensor technology and opto-electronics such as control and alarm equipment
  • Smart-Factory and Industry 4.0
  • System modules in automation technology
  • Smart devices for IoMT
  • Emergency and monitoring systems in medical engineering
  • Calibration equipment and systems

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