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Flush mounting enclosures

Flush mounting enclosures

Tough and modern enclosures for flush mounting in walls or control panels

The OKW range of modular enclosures is suitable for many different applications in the field of industrial electronics.

  • large-format enclosures with installation assembly kits for mounting on a wall or front panel. The enclosures offer sufficient room for displays and touch screens from 16 cm (6.4 inches) to 26 cm (10.4 inches). They are ideal for critical applications in buildings and for controlling and visualising processes in plant and machinery. Our speciality: individual colours and a wide choice of finishes.
  • special DIN modular enclosures developed for control board installations in accordance with DIN IEC 61554. The enclosures are available in standard frame sizes from 72 x 36 mm to 144 x 144 mm.